Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Myrtles Plantation Ownership Timeline

The Myrtle’s Plantation
Ownership Timeline
Compiled by NAPS Investigator Cheryl Freeman

1796 – House was built by General David Bradford and wife Elizabeth
1808 – Elizabeth Bradford took ownership when husband, General David Bradford died
1808 – 1823 – Elizabeth allowed daughter, Sarah and her husband Clark Woodruff to manage the Plantation
1824 – Woodruff buys the Myrtles from Elizabeth
1834 – Woodruff sells home to Ruffin Grey Stirling and wife 
1854 – Ruffin Stirling died, leaving home to wife Mary Cobb
1865 – Mary Cobb hires William Winter to manage home
1865-1868 – during this time Mary Cobb gives home to daughter Sarah Stirling and husband William Winter
1868 – Winter is bankrupt and has to sell home - sold to New York Warehouse & Security Company
1870 – Winter buys the home back from New York Warehouse & Security Company
1871 – Winter murdered at home, leaving home to wife, Sarah
1878 – Sarah dies leaving home to mother, Mary Cobb
1880 – Mary Cobb dies leaving home to son, Stephen
1886 – Stephen sells home to Oran Brooks
1889 – Oran sells home, home changes hands several times over next few years
1891 – Harrison Williams purchases home
1950’s – home sold to Marjorie Munson
1970’s – home sold to Arlin Dease and Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ward
Over the next 30 years home belonged to:
James and Frances Myers
John & Teeta Moss

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